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Our Sponsors and Partners are critical to the success of the conference. In fact, we could not hold the conference at such a low price without them. Please see the list of 2013 Sponsors and Partners below.

Sponsors and Partners of the conference benefit in these ways:

  1. Exposure to a small group of key influencers with whom you can form valuable relationships
  2. Exposure to the audiences of these influencers as they communicate about you via their blogs and social media
  3. Exposure to the larger group of influencers with whom the conference communicates via our mailing list (over 2,100 bloggers) and social media
  4. Exposure to our Partners including the Anschutz Center for Health & Wellness, the American College of Sports Medicine, etc.

If you are interested to sponsor the conference, please note:

  • We are unable to accept Sponsors who make product health claims that are not backed up by scientific research. We will need to approve each Sponsor so please check with us first if you have any questions.
  • For complete Sponsor information, please contact Reno Walsh at 406-580-5919 or
  • Once you have determined in which category you would like to be a sponsor, you can sign up online on our secure form.

2013 Sponsors

Coffee-mate will be providing coffee and all-natural creamer for the event.Thank you  @Coffee_mate



Nature’s Path makes a line of flavorful and healthy hot and cold cereals, delicious toaster pastries, crispy rice and granola bars, and much more! And now you can purchase your favorite Nature’s Path products right here from our online store.



LÄRABAR®, believes that the foundation of a sound mind, body and spirit is derived from what you eat.  And what you eat is most delicious and satisfying when it’s in a whole, natural state. LÄRABAR® is a delicious blend of unsweetened fruits, nuts and spices. Made from whole food, each flavor contains no more than nine ingredients. @larabar

izea allows advertisers to tap into the power of over 750,000 registered Influencers ranging from A-List celebrities to college students and mommy bloggers. izea allows influencers the opportunity to receive paid social media sponsorships on blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and more from their 55,000+ registered advertisers. @izea

Davidson’s Safest Choice® Eggs are pasteurized, so they taste great and are safe for all your favorite egg dishes! The Safest Choice™ all-natural, gentle water bath pasteurization process eliminates the risk of Salmonella in eggs. Now you can safely enjoy your favorite styles and recipes such as Hollandaise, Caesar salad dressing and other sauces — and sunny side up, poached or soft scrambled eggs. @SafeEggs

After years in the shadow of other fruit, tart cherries are emerging as a major Super Fruit. A substantial and growing body of scientific research has linked tart cherries to anti-inflammatory benefits, reduced pain from gout and arthritis and an extensive list of heart health benefits. Recent studies even suggest tart cherries can help reduce post-exercise muscle and joint pain. @ChooseCherries

Powerful enough for CNN and the New Yorks Times, flexible enough to create any site you can imagine, simple enough for your Aunt Mary to reblog cat photos: has you covered, whatever you’re publishing to the web. is a community of millions of bloggers just like you, making use of hundreds of beautiful, easy to customize design themes to create anything from photoblogs to magazines, wedding albums to restaurant websites, and everything else in between. With mobile apps to easily create and manage content on the run, and intuitive, great looking ways to share all your media, lets you sign up in seconds, and start publishing in minutes. @wordpressdotcom

Our vision is simple – to empower women in their busy, active everyday lives so they will look and feel feminine, stylish and comfortable. All day. Everyday. SOYBU performance apparel is creatively designed to move seamlessly between the activities of everyday without sacrificing quality or style. We blend eco-friendly fibers into our long-lasting apparel with minimal impact on the environment, always keeping our planet in mind. @Soybu


Zevia is the zero calorie soda with no artificial sweeteners. This stevia soda, available in 15 delicious flavors is the natural pop you and your family crave. The smarter version of diet soda, Zevia is the leading natural alternative that tastes great. @Zevia

It’s a worthwhile challenge to run a responsible business. Tom’s of Maine’s Reason for Being and our Stewardship Model work together to keep us focused on what really matters – serving your personal care needs and the needs of your community. @TomsofMaine


Attune Foods – What matters most is what’s inside @attunefoods 




With a name that speaks for itself, Food Should Taste Good® chips are made from high quality ingredients. All chip varieties are gluten free, cholesterol free, have zero grams trans fats. They are also certified Kosher. Plus, many varieties are certified vegan. @FSTG_Chips


MODERN OATS selected, Certified Gluten-Free, whole grain rolled oats are grown and harvested in the fertile lands of Aspen parkland biome, between prairie and the boreal forest that covers the foothills of the Canadian Rocky Mountains. The oat seedlings are identity preserved Non GMO and planted by small, carefully chosen family farmers in fields where no wheat is subject to cross contamination. @MondernOats

Mile High Organics strives to improve the lives and health of our members, by delivering the freshest, cleanest, most delicious food on the planet — in an easeful, dependable way.


At Love Grown we believe you should be able to pronounce every ingredient in your food. We believe in whole grains. We believe in putting healthier, delicious, high-quality foods on the shelves that are also affordable. Our goal is to create incredibly delicious foods that are packed full of nutritional benefits and that are available to everyone.

2013 Partners

   The Anschutz Health and Wellness Center at the University of Colorado is a new $70 million, five-level building that opened in April 2012. The Center aims to be the “Silicon Valley” of health and wellness in America, helping to reverse obesity and promote wellness through the country by producing and disseminating cutting edge research in the field. The bulk of the conference will take place at the Center with much of the fitness and health content being presented by the Center’s scientific staff.

The American College of Sports Medicine is the largest sports medicine and exercise science organization in the world. With more than 50,000 members and certified professionals worldwide, ACSM is dedicated to advancing and integrating scientific research to provide educational and practical applications of exercise science and sports medicine.


American Council on ExerciseThe American Council on Exercise® is a nonprofit organization committed to enriching quality of life through safe and effective exercise and physical activity. As America’s Authority on Fitness, ACE protects all segments of society against ineffective fitness products, programs and trends through its ongoing public education, outreach and research. ACE further protects the public by setting certification and continuing education standards for fitness professionals.

America On The Move

America on the Move is an evidence-based nonprofit organization located in Denver, CO. Its mission is to improve health and quality of life by promoting healthful eating and active living among individuals, families, communities, and society. It does this by empowering individuals to take control of their health by making and sustaining small measurable changes to their daily eating and activity routines.


LiveWell ColoradoLiveWell Colorado is a nonprofit organization committed to reducing obesity in Colorado by promoting healthy eating and active living. In addition to educating and inspiring people to make healthy choices, LiveWell Colorado focuses on policy, environmental and lifestyle changes that remove barriers and increase access to healthy behaviors. LiveWell Colorado aims to provide every Coloradan with access to healthy foods and opportunities for physical activity in the places they live, work, learn and play.

The National Association for Health and FitnessNational Association for Health and Fitness, the Network of State and Governor’s Councils, was founded in 1979 by staff of the President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports. The organization’s mission is to improve the quality of life for individuals in the United States, working via its member councils to promote physical fitness, sports and healthy lifestyles.

WEGO Health is a different kind of social media company. Their mission is to empower the top 10% of online health social media contributors to connect with each other and with healthcare companies. They call these passionate people Health Activists – they are community leaders, bloggers, on Facebook, on Twitter, leading online forums, and usually “all of the above.”

YogaFit is the largest yoga fitness education school in the world, with over 200,000 instructors trained on six continents. YogaFit hosts Mind-Body-Fitness (MBF) Conferences, teacher trainings and retreats worldwide, all of which are open to instructors, teacher trainees, and yoga enthusiasts. In North America alone, YogaFit completes more than 800 training programs per year, run by a core group of 65 highly trained experts. Outside North America, YogaFit has an exploding training, retreat, and conference business with a growing presence on multiple continents. YogaFit has just opened its studio in the heart of Los Angeles. Please visit us at for detailed trainings and conference schedule