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Local Trade Day at Fit Social

August 27th, 2013 · From the Organizers

The Fitness & Health Social Media Conference is a unique mixture of social media and cutting-edge fitness information. Because of this, it appeals both to those involved in social media (bloggers, marketing folks) and those in the fitness and health industries.

With the goal of involving the local Colorado fitness and health industries even more in the Fit Social Conference, we have created a new Local Trade Day on Friday, September 27th.

Those working full-time in the fitness and health industries and who live in Colorado are able to participate in Friday’s activities (excluding dinner) at no charge. You must register in advance and can do so at our Local Trade Day registration page. Here is what is included – for free:

  • Morning Vinyasa Flow yoga session taught by YogaFit
  • Fitness & Health Expo
  • Keynote speech by Dr. James Hill of the Anschutz Health & Wellness Center (awesome speaker!)
  • Six breakout social media sessions taught by industry experts (you choose two)
  • Afternoon High Intensity Interval Training provide by the American Council on Exercise

If you wish to stay for the entire conference, the cost is only $295 ($95 for active fitness and health bloggers). If you wish to staff at a table at the Expo, the cost is only $500. Click on Register or Sponsors for more information on both these items.

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Zephyr Adventures is Hiring

August 22nd, 2013 · From the Organizers

Zephyr Adventures is hiring for the position of Conferences Logistics Manager, responsible for running our six annual conferences:

  • Wine Bloggers Conference
  • International Food Blogger Conference
  • Beer Bloggers Conference
  • European Beer Bloggers Conference
  • Fitness & Health Social Media Conference
  • Wine Tourism Conference

This includes the following responsibilities:

  • Determining dates and locations for conferences for the following year so we can announce them on-site, including conducting surveys of our alumni, seeking bids from local partners, and negotiating with hotels
  • Making sure our sponsors are well taken care of and adequately prepared for the event
  • Writing blog posts about sponsors when that benefit is included in their package
  • Creating and sending pre-conference packets to attendees, speakers, and sponsors
  • Communicating with speakers and sponsors in advance of each conference to make sure they are informed and prepared
  • Managing on-site operations of all conferences, with the help of the other Zephyr employees during the event itself
  • Wrapping up conferences including sending out surveys to attendees, speakers, and sponsors
  • Potentially helping to organize the Great American Wine Festival or Wine Tourism Day

This job is not for everyone. You get to work from home – but that means you have to be really self-motivated and self-directed. You have flexible work hours – but that means you have to be really tuned in to your email and able to respond to our sponsors, speakers, hotels, and other parties very quickly and efficiently. You get to work in very cool industries – but because we run six conferences, you have to be super organized.

This is not a high-level job nor a low-level job. We are looking for a smart, efficient, organized, and fun individual who is looking for a good job with a fun company working in a bunch of amazing industries.

If you are interested to learn more about the job or to apply, please visit our Conferences Logistics Manager Application.

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FitFramed and Healthy Aperture: Painting a Better Picture

August 20th, 2013 · From the Organizers

We all know “food porn” is popular on the Internet: delicious-looking photos of food that might make you drool right on your keyboard. But for those of us in the fitness and health industries, the reality is many food porn shots are displaying dishes that are loaded with fat or sugar.

Along came Healthy Aperture, started by registered dietitians Regan Jones and Janet Helms. (Janet spoke at last year’s Fit Social Conference.) Now there is a place for “healthy” food porn on the Internet.

“The response to Healthy Aperture has been amazing”, says Jones. “Anyone who believes “healthy” food doesn’t appeal to readers is underestimating the power that good photography adds to appetite appeal.”

Now, Regan has started a site suited very much to fitness and health bloggers: Fit Framed is the equivalent for curating healthy fitness images on the web.

Both Healthy Aperture and Fit Framed are user-submitted photo galleries with direct links to each blogger’s individual post. The idea is to give users a visual experience to discover healthy content from blogs worldwide – whether that’s a healthy recipe (Healthy Aperture) or fitness inspiration (Fit Framed). Each site is curated by editors with a background in that area, making sure the photos reflect the mission of each site.

“Fit Framed isn’t meant to “compete” with any of the other social platforms”, explains Jones. “It’s intent is to provide fitness bloggers a visual platform to share their work and explore the work of their colleagues. Pinterest is unquestionably one of the best and most powerful visual social & bookmarking sites, but it’s also extremely diverse in it’s content. Fit Framed provides users an interface that they can easily scan through for content that’s of interest to them that’s solely devoted to fitness.”

To participate, visit the Register page to sign up. Then, Submit your images with a link to your fitness posts. If approved by the Fit Framed editors, your image will be added to gallery, likely within 24 hours.

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Twitter Chat with FitSocial Keynote Ashley Koff – Tuesday Aug 13th

August 8th, 2013 · From the Organizers

When it comes to your health and wellness, what is one thing that most of us think we could use more of? And what is one thing that many acquire artificially?


The demands of daily life can be exhausting, and most of us are inadequately informed and ill-equipped to handle our body’s needs and our own energy requirements.

Rather than “More Energy”, “Better Energy” is the topic of our next #FitSocial Twitter Chat, and we’re excited to be joined by a leading dietary expert on the topic of Better Energy, and our 2013 Keynote Speaker, Ashley Koff.

Ashley is the co-author of Mom Energy: A Simple Plan to Live Fully Charged and contributor to many online articles and appearances on the topic of living life with Better Energy.

During this chat, participants will be asked questions about their understanding of what Better Energy is, and Ashley will be available to offer guidance and tips to help you navigate your own personal and dietary needs for Better Energy.

Details of the #BetterEnergy #FitSocial Twitter Chat:

Tuesday, August 13, 2013 5pm PST

Hashtags: #BetterEnergy #FitSocial

Hosts: The Twitter Chat will be led by expert Twitter Chatters Kymberly & Alexandra of Fun & Fit: @KymberlyFunFit & @AlexandraFunFit as well as the @FitnessBloggers team

Ahsley Koff on Twitter: @AshleyKoff

Giveaways: When you do hear Ashley Koff talk about food for Better Energy, one of the products on her AKA List (Ashley Koff Approved) is Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods – they make Hemp Hearts, hemp oil and hemp protein powder. We will be giving away a prize package from @manitobaharvest during the Twitter chat.


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2013 Lifestyle Blogging Report Released – #FitSocial

August 6th, 2013 · From the Organizers

Earlier this summer, we released the Current State of Fitness Blogging Report . This was the second year that Zephyr Adventures surveyed fitness bloggers and compiled a fitness-specific report.

This was the first year, however, that we simultaneously surveyed the other niche categories represented by our conferences and now have a overview of “lifestyle bloggers” – those categorized as beer, wine, food, and fitness bloggers. Over 1400 bloggers responded to our 32 question survey. The data has been compiled, and you can review the report here:

2013 Lifestyle Blogging Report

At each conference we run, we notice the subtle and sometimes stark differences between each group, but now there is data show it. Fitness & food bloggers tend to be more female than men, and as a result tend to be more active on Pinterest (whose user demographics are majority female).

In most cases, however, we primarily see similarities among the various lifestyle groups; specifically, a vast majority of lifestyle bloggers are blogging out of passion for their niche and measure success of their efforts based on personal satisfaction gained from blogging.

And that sentiment is echoed at each conference, and from each attendee that we encounter.

The report goes into detail on the questions asked in the survey, and conclusions drawn based on our experience working with the various groups. We encourage you to check out the 2013 Lifestyle Blogging Report for yourself and if you have any insights or comments to the report, please leave it as a comment below. And please feel free to share!

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5 Reasons Why You Should Attend FitSocial

August 1st, 2013 · #FitSocial 2013, From the Organizers

We understand bloggers and social media experts have many conferences they can consider attending. There are general blogging conferences like Blog World (now the New Media Expo). There are tons of social media conferences – just type the phrase into Google. And there are now probably hundreds of niche-specific blogging conferences, covering everything from wine and beer (we run those) to pet bloggers.

So here are five reasons why you, if you are involved with blogging or social media in the fitness and health industries, should sign up to participate in FitSocial – the Fitness & Health Social Media Conference.

1. The price is unbeatable. The conference costs only $295 for attendees and only $95 if you are an active blogger who plans to cover the conference. What other conference gets you two dinners, activities, and content for only $95?

2. We include world-class science-based content. Not many conferences combine blogging, social media, and cutting-edge fitness and health information. Dr. James Hill, a world-leading authority, hardly gives a presentation. He just communicates with the audience, answering anything and everything you want to know about the science of diet and exercise. We also have talks on Alternative Medicine, Physical Fitness, and Healthy Cooking led by staff of The Anschutz Center at the University of Colorado.

3. We use professional experts for the social media presentations. We know all about having bloggers teach to bloggers and we think there is a role for that. However, we also believe sometimes to teach advanced concepts, you need to go to the true professionals. We have presentations by WaveCloud (experts on e-books), Moz (THE social media experts in the country), Mobile Marketing Studio, and local social media company Room 214.

4. You can network to your heart’s content. One cool aspect about this conference is that it is composed of a mix of bloggers, fitness instructors, and fitness industry professionals. Bloggers can make contacts that will help them with their blogs. Fitness instructors will learn from others about improving their online marketing. Industry folks will meet bloggers who are key influencers. We know this is not just a blogger conference – we think it is so much more.

5. You stay active at this conference. We will have sessions on teaching Yoga by the experts at YogaFit. We’ll use the cutting-edge Technogym equipment at the modern Anschutz Center gym. We’ll have zumba and other fitness classes each morning and afternoon. And we even have an optional hike into the Flatiron Mountains above Boulder.

6. The conference takes place in Colorado! For those of you not living locally, what better place to hold a fitness conference? Colorado is considered the fittest state in the country and Boulder is one of the fittest cities in Colorado. You will love it!


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G+ Community Highlight: Fitness & Nutrition

July 22nd, 2013 · From the Organizers

This is how Google Plus magically works:

  • I saw a post from a G+ friend about a healthy eating hangout he was participating in that seemed interesting.
  • I decided to watch the hangout and one of the other participants was introduced as the creator of the Fitness & Nutrition Community on Google Plus.
  • I checked out the community, joined it, and sent the creator a message with a simple hello, where I was introduced to him and his community, and said that obo #FitSocial, I’d like to keep in touch.
  • I received a message back and invitation to join him in a hangout where we then got a chance to chat about his community, about our conference, and where we quickly discovered our common interests and goals to promote health and wellness.
  • We now keep in regular contact, have two active community members (from Koa Strength) joining the conference, and spent part of Saturday in a great Hangout on Air where we got to discuss who should attend FitSocial and all the reasons why. You can watch that hangout below.

Bradford Lowry of DRS Health is the creator of the Google Plus Fitness & Nutrition Community, and it’s his method of engaging and managing the community that has built it to be one of the best places online related to health and wellness.

The community, which covers a wide variety of topics, is currently nearing 4000 members. It’s not the biggest health-related community on the platform, but the content may be the richest. Whether you’re a blogger or a fitness and health professional, the community is a great place to learn, share, and network (hey – that sounds a lot like our conference!!).

The community is managed by a handful of moderators who each come from various professional backgrounds related to fitness & nutrition. This means that there is a physical therapist moderator, personal trainer, and various other professionals available to not only weed out spam or mis-information, but who are also on hand to answer questions and provide valuable  input.

This high-quality engagement and content makes google happy, which has resulted in the community landing on page 1 of google search for the term “fitness & nutrition”. Active community members who then in turn engage and share high-quality content within the community also benefit from this page 1 exposure, making this an especially great community for fitness & health bloggers and professionals wanting to grow readership and influence.

You must be a member of Google Plus to join this community, which you can do here. Please make sure to read and follow the “contributor standards” and community guidelines.

As promised, here is video from our Hangout with the Fitness & Nutrition Community. This is a great 30 minutes to get to know more about #FitSocial and how to participate this September.

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4 Things You Need to Earn Money via Social Media

July 18th, 2013 · From the Organizers

This is a post by our friends (and conference speakers) Kymberly Williams-Evans, MA and Alexandra Williams, MA. Visit their blog and radio show, Fun and Fit: Healthy Aging for Boom Chicka Boomers

FitSocial 2013 Speakers: Building Your Brand and Monetizing Your Fitness Expertise

Are you a blogger or Social Media Influencer looking to earn money from your online endeavors? Is one of your goals to attract attention from companies, PR firms, editors, or advertisers?

Professionals with budgets to compensate you respond more favorably when you speak their business language. If you want to create the best impression possible when seeking dollars, have 4 key professional documents ready to show and go! Companies you hope to work with will appreciate the immediate response and packaged materials.

1) Media Kit

2) Ad Rate Sheet

3) About Me page

4) Guidelines for Guest Posts or Sponsors

Media Kit

A Media Kit is the online version of a press kit. In the fitness niche, your media kit is usually one or two pages of promotional material and key statistics. Consider what companies repeatedly ask you to provide — for example, page views, number of subscribers, what makes your blog or online presence unique, who your target market is.  Also clarify the services you offer those entities you are asking to fund or support you– such as tweet chat hosting, blog giveaways, sponsored posts. A media kit might also include key awards, distinctions, or qualifications in your area of online expertise.

Ad Rate Sheet

Your Ad Rate Sheet is a straightforward listing of the terms and prices for any ads you accept on your blog, website, or via your social media streams.  Be sure to list the sizes, types, and placement of all ads with the price for each clearly listed. If you have a minimum duration, be sure to indicate that. For instance, we require at least a 6 month contract commitment for any ads placed on our Fun and Fit site.

About Me Page

Your About Me page is best set up either as a narrative or as a sophisticated bulleted version of a “Benefits to the Reader/ Sponsor/ Company.” People like to read stories rather than resumes and lists. So if your history is an interesting one with a story behind it, reveal yourself via that narrative. Tell your tale weaving in your experience, expertise, distinctions as you go.

The “Benefits” version is a little more challenging to write well, though it’s the current trend for savvy social media sorts. Instead of launching into a paragraph about You, You, You, the compelling About Me pages use bulleted resume information to demonstrate how that info helps the reader.  For example, instead of saying “I have been a certified personal trainer for X years,” your About Me page would say “Clients who work with me get the most accurate, safe, effective programs given that I have been certified for  years.”  Or “like you, I have lost over 75 pounds so understand the motivation and blogging advice that will help you stick with your weight loss goals.”

Check out our About Us page to see both a narrative version (Kymberly) and a combined narrative/ bulleted approach (Alexandra). Of course, also have filed bios written and ready to go of 100 and 250 word counts.

Guest Post/ Sponsored Post Guidelines Sheet

Lastly, save yourself time and offer a consistent reply to those who ask about sponsored or guest posting opportunities. How! With set guidelines. Why retype and recreate a reply to such inquiries when posted guidelines do the job? You may decide not to publish your guidelines on your blog or anywhere online. Even if your guidelines are only sent out upon request or need, have them in text form. If your policy is never to accept guest posts, sponsored tweets, product placement in videos — still have that policy in a link, email or document you can provide.

Feel free to take a look at our Guest Post guidelines, which reflect our Fun and Fit brand and style:

Having these 4 documents waiting in the wings or performing online 24/7 will let others know you are professional and to be taken as such. You are then ready to go out and confidently present yourself as deserving compensation.

More Money Making Advice at our FitSocial Session

What are some of the specific ways you can boost your income once you have these documents in place? For a treasure trove of options, attend our FitSocial session “Building Your Brand and Monetizing Your Fitness Expertise,” offered Friday, September 27 at 4:10pm in Boulder, CO  Not only wil you get ideas galore on ways to hollah for dollahs, but also you’ll get inspired by real life case studies.  We hope to see you there!

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Become an ambassador for the Colorado Get Movin’ Challenge

July 11th, 2013 · From the Organizers

Sponsored Post

Every day, you encourage your readers to get moving – whether it’s starting small in fitness or completing a race. What if you could encourage and motivate a whole state to commit to getting active for an entire month?

On August 1, 2013, LiveWell Colorado is kicking off the Colorado Get Movin’ Challenge to do just that. Endorsed by the State of Colorado and sponsored by Kaiser Permanente, this initiative is all about making Colorado the biggest mover in the nation while encouraging Coloradans to live active lifestyles. And they need your help to make it happen!

Take the Colorado Get Movin’ Challenge

If you live in Colorado, visit to sign up and commit to 30 minutes of physical activity for 30 days. Any movement counts: from your latest workout in the gym to walking the dog. Non-Coloradans can still complete the challenge (we love your solidarity!), but unfortunately won’t be eligible for prizes.

Did we mention prizes? The Get Movin’ Challenge is giving away hats, Tech-Tees, heart rate monitors, Pedal the Plains entries, an Epic Pass, hotel stays and much more.

Become an ambassador

To take your challenge to the next level, the Get Movin’ Challenge seeking several social-media savvy Colorado bloggers who will blog and share their journey online. You’ll get some sweet swag from them plus exposure on But the real glory comes in knowing you helped make Colorado the most active state in the nation.

Interested? Email Caren at LiveWell Colorado for more information. We look forward to get movin’ together and reporting on our progress at #FitSocial in September.

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Current State of Fitness Blogging Report

June 28th, 2013 · From the Organizers

The 2013 State of Fitness Blogging Report has now been released.

The report covers all aspects of fitness and health blogging, including demographics, monetization, social media, and attendance at conferences. Over the past two years, 239 fitness and health bloggers completed a detailed survey, providing us with these interesting results.

For example, did you know:

  • 65% of fitness bloggers have some related professional experience while 35% have none
  • 86% of bloggers blog because “fitness and health are my passions” while only 20% blog to make money
  • Personal satisfaction is by far the biggest indicator a blogger uses to judge success followed by hard statistics that show people are reading his or her blog, such as number of visitors, number of social media followers, and number of comments
  • While Twitter is the most popular social media platform used by fitness bloggers, Facebook is considered the most effective

The survey was conducted by Zephyr Adventures, organizers of the Fitness & Health Social Media Conference. Hence, we were especially interested to learn that fitness bloggers who have attended a fitness and health blogging conference are much more successful than those who have not:

  • Sites of those who have attended a conference are seen by 107% more unique website visitors per month (i.e. double the traffic)
  • Bloggers who have attended a conference are 48% more likely to be making money from their blog
  • Bloggers who have attended a conference have 217% more Facebook likes

We don’t know whether successful bloggers attend conferences or whether conferences produce successful bloggers but, either way, come join us in September!

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