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Fit Social Conference and FitBloggin’ in 2016

July 28th, 2015 · From the Organizers

The Fit Social Conference is joining FitBloggin’ in 2016!

Fit Social and FitBloggin’ have been two of the main blogger and social media conferences in the fitness and health industries. In January, the founder and operator of FitBloggin’, Roni Noone, contacted us to ask whether we would be interested to take over management of the conference.

Roni has created an amazing event that has operated six years running, produced a lot of great content and fun times, and most importantly established a fantastic community of FitBloggin’ loyalists. However, all that came at a personal price as organizing a successful conference takes a lot of time and financial commitment.

After a few months of discussions, we at Zephyr Adventures (organizers of Fit Social) agreed to take over management of FitBloggin’.

In 2016, FitBloggin’ will take place July 21-24 in Indianapolis, Indiana – registration for FitBloggin’ 16 is open now. Fit Social will be housed within FitBloggin’ next year.

FitBloggin’ and Fit Social each have their strengths. FitBloggin’ has its amazing community that produces an event full of fun, laughter, hugs, and – yes – a few tears as people shared their dreams, goals, and efforts to achieve fitness and health for themselves and for their audiences. Fit Social was more content driven with an awesome partnership with the Anschutz Health & Wellness Center at the University of Colorado’s Medical School. In 2016, we hope to combine the two events by continuing the atmosphere of FitBloggin’ while providing some of the great content of Fit Social.

Please see the FitBloggin’ website for full details of 2016 and see you in Indianapolis!

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FitSocial Conference in 2014

November 26th, 2013 · From the Organizers

We think the concept of FitSocial is pretty great. Bring together fitness & health bloggers and industry professionals to not only discuss best blogging and social media practices but to learn cutting-edge fitness and health information from leading experts and you have a fantastic conference.

We have run this conference for three years now, and each year our attendees have agreed and supported the concept. The content is unique and compelling, the networking with attendees is valuable, and the exercise classes and outdoor hikes are worth the trip. However, we are still trying to figure out the best niche for us to grow the conference in the future.

FitSocial is not really a blogging conference and thus it sometimes only appeals to bloggers really looking to enhance their education. FitSocial is not really an industry conference and so it is hard to reach industry members involved in social media. FitSocial is not really an academic conference despite the incredible information presented by our partners at the Anschutz Center. The result is a mixed message of sorts that makes it hard to communicate.

So we are talking with our supporters, meeting with new potential allies, and creating new plans. For now, we have no 2014 conference date to announce. We’ll keep you updated as things progress.

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Session Notes From Fit Social 2013

October 7th, 2013 · From the Organizers

Some of our speakers provided us with their session presentations. If we do not have the session listed below, we did not receive anything from that speaker. We hope this helps those of you who attended and those of you who did not!

SEO for Websites and Blogs with Tim Resnik from Moz

Creating an E-Book to Build Your Brand with Tracy Corwin & Scott French of WaveCloud

Overview of Social Media with Stacy Kawakami and May Shaff of Room 214

Blog Bootcamp with Matt LeBeau and Joshua Hill of Room 214

Succeeding With YouTube with Matt LeBeau and Joshua Hill of Room 214

Building Your Brand and Monetizing Your Fitness Expertise with Fun and Fit‘s Kymberly Williams-Evans, MA & Alexandra Williams, MA

Communication of Evidence-Based Health and Wellness Information presented by Dr. Carol Torgan of the American College of Sports Medicine

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Nature’s Path: Food On A Mission

September 29th, 2013 · From the Organizers

If you believe that eating delicious, healthy, and clean food is important to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, then you’re in for a treat with Nature’s Path.

If you like to make your buying decisions at the grocery store in-part based on the integrity and philosophy of the brand, then you’ve also found an ally with Nature’s Path.

FitSocial is very pleased to welcome Nature’s Path as a sponsor of this year’s conference – not only because we find their products to be delicious, but because they believe in corporate responsibility. Below are pillars on which Nature’s Path has built its business:

  • Family-run
  • Sustainability
  • Fairtrade Certified
  • Certified Organic
  • Non-GMO
  • Delicious foods

The Nature’s Path website is full of great product information, recipes, and a wonderful blog that track’s the company’s movements as they work towards a GMO-free future, help fight hunger with organic foods, and offer tips on eating and living healthy.

FitSocial attendees received an assortment of Nature’s Path products this week, and if you’re interested in purchasing anything from their web-store, all orders over $39 receive free shipping.

Follow Nature’s Path on Facebook

Follow Nature’s Path on Twitter

To Good Health!

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Join us for a YogaFit Session Friday AM

September 26th, 2013 · From the Organizers

Rise & shine and be ready for a fun yoga workout with YogaFit Friday 8:45Am!

YogaFit, a partner of this year’s FitSocial Conference, is offering to get your blood moving and chakras open through an educational vinyasa flow session.

In addition to being led through various vinyasas by a YogaFit certified instructor, you’ll also get insights into teaching yoga. Think of this as a mini teacher training! 

Please bring your own matt, towel, and water to the class, which will be at the Boulder Millennium Hotel

Class Description:

Vinyasa Flow Yoga – On Friday morning this yoga session taught byYogaFit  will include dynamic vinyasa sequencing, tips on how to keep students safe in yoga, and the powerful use of transformational language for communicating the mind/body connection which has inspired thousands. The class is suitable for amateurs, regular practitioners, and instructors. YogaFit is the largest yoga fitness education school in the world with more than 200,000 instructors trained on six continents specifically designed for presentation in health clubs, fitness facilities or other group exercise locations.

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Please Consider Giving to Boulder Flood Relief

September 25th, 2013 · From the Organizers

One of the best parts of organizing conferences (from our perspective) is helping to nurture and grow community.

In the various niche blogger conferences we organize, we get to see people that share similar interests and passions come together, form relationships, collaborate, and inspire one another – it’s pretty cool!

More so than our other conferences (because we stay in one place each year), the FitSocial community is also a part of the local community – the Boulder community. Our founder lives in Boulder, many of our attendees are residents, and many of our speakers are from the local area.

And as everyone is aware, the Boulder community was severely impacted this month by  flooding. You can read our post about it here(While we are adjusting our Thursday agenda because we can’t go on the scheduled hike to the Flat Iron Mountains, our conference both in Boulder and Aurora has luckily been unaffected by the flooding and is proceeding as planned. Whoo hoo!)

So when Alexandra Williams of Fun & Fit approached us on Twitter asking if she could organize a donation effort at the conference, we jumped at the opportunity to support her.

If you don’t know Alexandra, you’ll meet her this week. She and her sister, Kymberly, are running one of Friday’s breakout sessions on Social Media, and Alexandra will be asking everyone at the opening of the conference to consider donating to the relief efforts for the Boulder area. Here’s her post on the issue and request for support.

If you’d like to donate to the community of Boulder and help in the recovery of this beautiful area, please visit this site:

When you give, if there is the ability to, please enter in #FitSocial (so Alexandra can track the amount our community raised!) To help spread the word and propel the relief efforts forward, please tweet using #BoulderFloodRelief

Individually, we can all make a difference; together, we can make an impact.

We can’t wait to see everyone on Thursday!

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Sponsored Post: Jump-Start Your Day the Natural Way

September 24th, 2013 · From the Organizers

A healthy, wholesome breakfast can kick-start your energy level and help you make it through the day.  But it doesn’t have to be boring.

Rather than turning to fast food on the way to office, try creating flavorful and healthy morning treats at home. To resist the temptation to grab that frosted doughnut, shop smart and stock your kitchen with healthy ingredients, like oatmeal, whole wheat bread, nuts and dried fruit.

Start breakfast with the perfect cup of coffee. Bring some excitement to your morning routine with all-natural Coffee-mate Natural Bliss to give your cup of Joe the perfect flavor boost without additives, preservatives or artificial ingredients. Made with just four ingredients: milk, cream, sugar and natural flavor, Natural Bliss’ creamy texture and delightful taste, offers a touch of sweetness to please every palate. Plus, at 35 calories or less per serving, you won’t feel guilty about indulging in your favorite flavors like Cinnamon Cream, Low-fat Vanilla and Sweet Cream every morning.

For essential vitamins and nutrients, it’s important to have a healthy breakfast which also helps increase the metabolic (or calorie-burning) rate. Try creating a smoothie using your favorite fruits and veggies. You can even add Natural Bliss Sweet Cream for an added touch of creamy flavor. Smoothies are perfect for on-the-go and will leave you feeling satisfied until lunch time rolls around. Check out the recipe below for a quick and healthy breakfast idea!

Super Fruit Bliss Green Smoothie

  • 1/3 cup acai berry juice
  • 1/3 cup fresh blueberries
  • 1/3 cup pomegranate juice
  • 1/4 cup packed baby spinach
  • 1/4 cup all-natural Coffee-mate Natural Bliss Sweet Cream
  • 1 tsp. granulated sugar (optional)
  • 1 cup crushed ice

-PLACE acai juice, blueberries, pomegranate juice, spinach, Coffee-mate, sugar and ice in blender; cover.

-BLEND until smooth.

Coffee-mate Natural Bliss is a sponsor of the 2013 FitSocial Conference. For more information on Coffee-mate Natural Bliss, including where to purchase, please visit or

Visit our health blog us and also check out our Google+ page

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FitSocial Blog Posts from Attendees

September 23rd, 2013 · From the Organizers

FitSocial is this week!! 

As we all take care of our obligations at home and at work this week in prep for meeting up in Colorado in Boulder & Denver, we thought we’d get a head start on collecting a list of blog posts written by attendees at the conference.

We’re using below (thanks to Kymberly & Alexandra from Fun & Fit for turning us on to this nifty social media tool).

If you have a post written about FitSocial that is not already on this list below, please feel free to add it. If you’re attending FitSocial this week, and as you write your blog posts, please feel free to add your blog post urls as you publish them. You can add your post url below by clicking on the pink “Add to List” button. That way, we can all read your posts about the conference!

We can’t wait to read them all!

31 items   9.29k views

#FitSocial Blog Posts

A collection of #FitSocial blog posts from attendees at the 2013 Fitness & Health Social Media Conference
#FitSocial Blog Posts | What psychology has to do with #fitsocial conference | Your Mind Your Body

What's a blog written primarily by psychologists doing at a fitness conference? The answer is right there in this blog's name: Your mind, your body. Healthy minds need healthy bodies. Healthy bodies need healthy minds.

#FitSocial Blog Posts | Getting a Workout at the FitSocial Conference '13

Among the most popular activities at fitness and blogging conferences are the exercise classes. They're a chance to try something new and get a workout in, but I've typically seen conferences as a chance to recover a bit from my own workouts.

#FitSocial Blog Posts | FitSocial 2103 Conference offers free Local Trade Day

Posted on 26. Aug, 2013 by BoulderRunner in Conference The FitSocial 2013 Conference - Blogging and Social Media for the Fitness and Health Industries, is offering three levels of participation, including a Free Local Trade Day on Friday, September 27th.

#FitSocial Blog Posts | Learn and Connect at the FitSocial Conference

I 'm getting excited about theFitSocial Conference - a social media and fitness/nutrition event held here in Boulder and Denver. If you don't live here it's an excellent opportunity to get a little taste of Colorado, meet people in your field, and optimize your blog.

#FitSocial Blog Posts | I'm Headed to FitSocial

Coming off the high from FitBloggin I couldn't help but wonder if ALL social media/fitness conferences were just as much fun? Sure I could have waited until FitBloggin 2014 and not taken a risk, but I didn't want to wait another year to be "in the zone" and I was especially fearful I might not be able to afford the next location!

#FitSocial Blog Posts | FitSocial Conference: A Perfect Choice for Those Who Love Fitness and Social Media

If you're a fitness professional or enthusiast, and you use (or plan to use) social media, you will want to attend the FitSocial 2013 Conference Sep. 26-29 in Boulder and Denver, Colorado. You do NOT have to be a current blogger. You do NOT have to be a certified fitness pro.

#FitSocial Blog Posts | Countdown is on...FitSocial, here I come! :)

Posted by traceycenglish on September 23, 2013 at 1:05 PM Hey all - This Wednesday, I'm headed to the FitSocial Conference in Boulder & Denver, Colorado. I've been looking forward to this conference for months now and IT'S HERE!

#FitSocial Blog Posts | My top 5 reasons for attending FitSocial 2013 | Spot On Wellness

This week, I am going to be going to Boulder, Co for a Fitness & Wellness Social Media Conference. So... what are my top 5 reasons why I (cannot wait to) attend FitSocial again this year? 1) I get to go travel on a fun "vacation" to Colorado! I mean...

#FitSocial Blog Posts | Fitsocial Fitness and Health Social Media Conference | The Get Fit Diva

The Fitness and Health Social Media Conference offers more scientific content related to fitness, health and social media. My inner brainiac DIGS this. #FitSocial also stresses attendees will be “educated, inspired, and [to] grow your online influence”. Sold and sold!

#FitSocial Blog Posts | I'm Heading To The FitSocial 2013 Conference!

Blogging And Social Media For Fitness And Health Communities I can't wait to get to Boulder to see these mountains and learn the latest trends in fitness and social media at the FitSocial conference.

#FitSocial Blog Posts | 3 Ways to Maximize Your Health and a #FitSocial Prize Pack Giveaway!

If you kept up with me on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter over the weekend, you know I had a crazy good time in Colorado at the #FitSocial Fitness and Health Social Media Conference. While I was there I learned a lot about blogging, ate a lot of good food, and best of all, made some truly lovely new fit-blogging friends. Keep on reading to hear about all of the fun I had and keep your eyes peeled for the top three healthy lifestyle tips I learned while at the conference and my #FitSocial Prize Pack Giveaway at the end of the post.

#FitSocial Blog Posts | Fitness & Health Social Media Conference 2013

I am getting very excited to hop aboard a plane tomorrow to head to Boulder and Denver Colorado for the Fitness & Health Social Media Conference. I attended the conference last year when I was still relatively new to the blogging world not really sure what I was getting into.

#FitSocial Blog Posts | Review: Fitness and Health Bloggers Conference

Hey, what do you know... I wrote a timely review of the conference when it was done. Here is my #FHBC12 wrap-up. It is resource-heavy so please do check it out especially about the regional librarians we all have access to.

#FitSocial Blog Posts | Get Fit And Get Real About Sharing Your Passion With The World ... FitSocial 2013

This Friday I'll be heading to the Fit Social Conference in Boulder, CO where some of the most influential bloggers will be attending to network, mingle, try some great new products and work out options, learn more about the philosophies of the Anschutz Health & Wellness Center and how to positively promote a healthy lifestyle thereby minimizing the challenges we have with obesity in the U.S.

#FitSocial Blog Posts | FitSocial Recipe: Asian-Styled Quinoa Salad

Sharing details of our nutrition-focused final day at FitSocial, including a fantastic recipe for Asian-Styled Quinoa

#FitSocial Blog Posts | Fitsocial: Making the Decision to Attend

Check out my first impressions of FitSocial, including some of my favorite sponsors!

#FitSocial Blog Posts | Dr. Hill - Obesity, health & Physical Fitness

Today at the FitSocial Conference, we had the privilege of hearing Dr. James O. Hill speak about topics we are very passionate about - obesity, health, and physical fitness (any some others). Dr. Hill is the Executive Director of the Anschutz Health and Wellness Center and is the co-author of State of Slim.

#FitSocial Blog Posts | Denise McGuire - Making Lifestyle Changes

During our second day of the FitSocial Conference we heard an amazing lecture from Denise McGuire, PHD. Dr. McGuire is a clinical psychologist at the Anschutz Medical Center who helps many patients overcome many concerns, including weight and body image challenges. The discussion was about lifestyle change and some of the milestones, challenges, and tips for successful change.

#FitSocial Blog Posts | Top Tips For Fitness Blogging From FitSocial

Two weekends ago I attended the Fitness & Health Social Media Conference (FitSocial) in Colorado. Now that I've shared about the pre-conference hike up Mount Sanitas and my own pre-dawn runs in Boulder, it is time to share some of what I learned at the conference.

#FitSocial Blog Posts | Friday Roundup: Move More, Eat Smarter for Faster Metabolism

Last weekend at the FitSocial Conference I was fascinated by the discussions of metabolic flexibility, primarily in the context of losing weight and keeping it off. Having a faster metabolism is a direct result of moving more and eating smarter (among other things), and believe me, it's worth it to get your metabolism humming.

#FitSocial Blog Posts | Fitsocial Fitness and Health Social Media Conference | The Get Fit Diva

This past weekend, I attended the Fitness and Health Social Media Conference in Boulder and Denver. I left satiated, inspired, and determined that my healthier living journey will only get better!

#FitSocial Blog Posts | HIIT with Chris Freytag

Two weeks ago I had the pleasure of taking a high intensity interval training class with Chris Freytag of ACE Fitness, during the Fitness and Health Social Media conference in Colorado. High Intensity Interval Training, or HIIT for short, alternates short to moderate bouts of high intensity exercise with brief periods of recovery consisting of low-intensity movement or rest.

#FitSocial Blog Posts | How to Use the Six Stages of Behavioral Change

We've all had to make big changes in our lives, but sometimes we just get stuck. We may think about changing but can't take action, or we've tried to change but it never sticks. Why does this happen and what can we do?

#FitSocial Blog Posts | Trying Tabata Spinning And Pound Fitness | Running With Perseverance

One thing I love about fitness blogging conferences is that they usually have several workout sessions on the program, and often have exercise classes that I haven't tried before. FitSocial was no exception. In addition to the pre-conference hike up Mount Sanitas, there was at least one exercise class each day.

#FitSocial Blog Posts | Why Do You Exercise? Is Looking Good Enough?

"The ultimate goal of working out is to be happy and healthy." So opened fitness celebrity, Tony Horton of P90X fame at the FitBlogLA Meet and Tweet event I just attended courtesy of Fitness Magazine. When Tony followed up that comment by reminding us that "one size exercise program does not fit all," I started to trust his message a bit more.

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Better Fitness Through Blogging: Find Your Motivation on

September 20th, 2013 · From the Organizers

Whether fitness for you means party time in a Zumba class or long, solitary miles pounding the pavement, other bloggers can inspire you, motivate you, and challenge you. Even if fitness is a solo pursuit, fitness bloggers are an endless found of new workout ideas (and commiseration!) — and you can find everyone from yoga devotees to long-distance cyclists on

Can’t get enough burpees? Check out a CrossFit blog. Training for a triathlon? You can find plenty of others, from sprinters to iron men (and women). Runners? Check. Kickboxing or Mixed Martial Arts? Sure thing. Swimming? Yup. (Heck, how about swimming the English Channel?) Pilates? Of course.

Giving your body the best fuel is also key, and fitness and nutrition blogs offer endless meal plans and recipes to break you out of your green smoothie-poached chicken rut: take a look at Spoonful of ShapeFrom the Desk of Dr. SmartySmall Waist or Big Taste?, or Stealth Health 101.

WordPress is incredibly excited to sponsor FitSocial, and to support all the bloggers dedicated to helping us all be in the best health possible.

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Boulder Recovering and Fit Social Will Go On

September 16th, 2013 · From the Organizers

It has been unbelievable, awesome, and devastating here in Boulder, Colorado.

A very unusual double storm system kept rains falling on Boulder County and Colorado instead of quickly moving through as storms normally do. The result was 15 inches of rain in a few days – compared to the average 21 inches we get per year.

We have broken all precipitation records and the result was the feared 100 Year Flood. Streets ran with water, basements flooded, and unfortunately lives were lost. Boulder Creek, which normally has a flow of 300 cubic feet per second, was flowing at a staggering 5,000 CFS. Hardest hit were nearby towns with Boulder County including Lyons and Jamestown, both completely cut off due to flooding and road deterioration. Residents of both cities had to be airlifted (Jamestown) or transported by the National Guard (Lyons) out.

The damage was widespread, covering all of the Front Range. The city of Boulder itself was the epicenter but, in the end, survived amazingly well. Flooding has been the number one natural disaster concern of officials and residents for years, since the city is located on the plains surrounding Boulder Creek which flows out of the mountains. This fear has been exacerbated in recent years due to the large Four Mile Canyon forest fire that denuded large swathes of forest above the city, a severe problem because the lack of vegetation increases runoff and flood potential.

On Thursday night around midnight, an observer in Four Mile Canyon called in that a “wall of water” was roaring down the canyon, carrying debris and even cars with it. Sirens flew in Boulder and a portion of the city was evacuated. Residents in that area were urged to seek higher ground immediately.  I live three blocks from the evacuation zone and we were put on alert.

Ultimately, the wall of water dissipated and never materialized in the city. We ducked the really big blow.

The city, county, and state are not through with things yet. Homeowners are repairing damage, the road departments have a lot of work to be done, and the mountain town residents are trying to put together their shattered lives.

But today it was sunny and hot. The University of Colorado is starting up school again, high school sports will resume, and life will move on.

Yes, the Fitness & Health Social Media Conference will continue as planned. Our hotel in Boulder was mostly unharmed, the airport is fine, and roads into and out of the city are carrying traffic. Our planned hike on Thursday on Mt. Sanitas is currently closed but I expect it to be open in time and, if not, we’ll make adjustments.

See you all in 10 days!

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